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Everything Acoustic Office Fitout Perth


-Office Fitout.

– Office Workstations Partitions.

– Office Acoustic Panels.

– Music Acoustic Panels.

– Acoustic Noise control Solutions.

– Creative Custom Design DXF Files.

– Acoustic Innovation and Design.

– Child Friendly Acoustic Activity Creations.

-Acoustic Product Identification and Technical advice.


Acoustic WorkStation Partitions

Creative WorkStation Environments.

Acoustic Workstations

LAA provide a specialized cut to size machining services Incorporating all bracket solutions for ease of installation when designing your new workstation Environment. We use the most versatile router knife hybrid in the industry and the most powerful vision registration system on the market. For more information on specific services call or email us.

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Acoustic Noise control Solutions For Your Office

Noise Control in your office is Essential to maintain a calm work balance increasing production and Staff focus.

Office and Home Renovation Services

LAA offer an extensive range of Acoustic Cutting services . We can create your dream space. LAA undertake all aspects of Acoustic Design and Cutting Services to enhance the Work Space you Work in.

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Decorative Acoustic Office Panels

Custom Designed Office Panels Color Your Work Environment Your Become the Designer.

Design Services

You Choose form our extensive range of colors and thickness of Acoustic Panels from Australia's leading Manufacturers.

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Acoustic Solutions of Music and Entertainment Environments.

Optimize your Acoustic Environment by simple Panel placement.

Acoustic Enhancement is Guaranteed for your Music and Entertainment areas.

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Authorized Acoustic Panel Suppliers.

Australian Standards Registered Manufacturers.

Leading Acoustic Panel Suppliers.

LAA Approved Acoustic PET Manufacturers.

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See Our Work

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About Us

Launch Alert Australia is a leading WA CNC Design and Machining Service Company.

We are proud to offer your business innovative acoustical solutions and has the expertise to design engineer and create your own exclusive acoustic panel masterpiece unique only too you. We strive to achieve value advantage solutions that deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

Our aim is to provide your organisation with information which can be used on a practical basis. LAA is well-equipped to offer a wide range of services from Cutting to Design to Sign Making. We can support local companies with the design and machining of products to suit your requirements.

We offer Design, Cutting and Office Fitouts services to our customers for acoustic products.

For more information on Design, Cutting and Office Fitouts in Perth or to talk to a member of our team, contact us today.

We offer Office and Home Acoustic Machining Services. – We can create your dream space.

For more information on your Acoustic Panel management in Perth, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

CNC Design, Machining & Office
Fitouts Services in Perth

WA Pelican Products
Official Dealer in Perth

CNC routing and machining of all
Acoustic Materials including foam, panel
boards, soundproof fiberglass

Acoustic panel noise reducer

Key Industries

Protector Cases
Music Studios
Office Fit-outs
Architecture and Design
Childcare Centers
Medical Health & Safety
Acoustic Office Design
Beverage Industries
Sign Making Services

Our Products

Sound Absorbing Panels

is a performance acoustic panel design for workstations and ceiling applications. Provide the simple yet important function of absorbing sound across a broad frequency range. Whether it is an open plan living area, a crowded restaurant, or a noisy office.

Decorative Panels

is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that can be suspended or fixed to a ceiling space. Will bring vibrancy and texture to commercial spaces and can work wonders in hiding unflattering ceilings.

Workstation Screens

are a simple, easily customisable acoustic solution for a Morden workplace. Design with simple contemporary shapes, texture, or smooth finish.

Home Office Solutions

Acoustic panels are the perfect solution for home soundproofing office spaces. Panels absorb voices, high pitched noises, noisy ventilation systems, and more. A simple effective solution to create a quiet environment at home.

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